7 Sep

Nicholas Hlobo’s massive, macabre, cadaverous dragon (actually my guide is telling me it’s a “limpundulu vampire bird” from the artist’s native South Africa) is a rare example here of an artist understanding scale, demonstrating an unfashionable level of craftsmanship and an equally unfashionable penchant for the theatrical (in the sense of looking like it could be in a play or a street parade, as opposed to the bullshit “we can’t act and we have no notion of stagecraft whatsoever” sense used as a smokescreen by the likes of some performance artists or film makers who use performance in their work really badly, such as the ubiquitous and heinous Emily Wardill who I’ve castigated before and will castigate again).

It’s like some kind of malevolent Muppet that’s been ravaged by fabric parasites and it’s lovely.



  1. Liz Sardari-Kermani (@lizsardari) 08/09/2011 at 10:13 AM #

    Very nice blog! Why have I only just found it?

    • Alistair 08/09/2011 at 10:49 AM #

      That is a VERY good question, one that I’m sure many people ask themselves when first they come here… although few have the guts to admit their previous ignorance and the devastating sense of loss occasioned by them discovering an abyss in their souls that they could scarcely have imagined even existed, a chasm that could have been filled by merely reading this site regularly.
      “Who is this wildly talented young savage who writes such devastating indictments of the art world’s folly that I feel vicariously, arse-rippingly ravaged myself, merely by reading these things?” they ask themselves (as the very fundaments of their psyches begin to calf and crumble like Arctic ice with the onset of anthropogenic global warming), “And why do I find him so attractive?”

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