12 Sep

The book from which this blog originates- also called, with irrefutable logic, CAREER SUICIDE- is available this month and next month (only) for 15% off its usual price. This new price will be valid in whatever currency is your native one. I’m sort of celebrating the book’s upcoming first birthday. I know it’s a bit weird to go beyond the whole “books are the author’s children” thing to the point where we’re celebrating their birthdays, but then I have to look at everybody’s damn pictures of their children doing mind-bendingly tedious child stuff on Facebook so I think it more than balances out. You love your shrieking rug rats, I love my book, OK?

Anyway, in the context of my current writing about La Biennale di Venezia’s 2011 effort, what better opportunity to read about my experiences of showing my own work at the 2005 Biennale? It wasn’t even all bad. Read also about what’s really going on at Frieze Art Fair (clue: it has very little to do with art), passive aggressive ninja interview techniques of Japanese art professors, what happens when an artist refuses to be a cheerleading sock puppet for the Chinese government, the benefits for an artist of having all their old work set on fire, and more. 276 pages of my personal stories about the pleasures gained, the lessons learned and the really fucking annoying realities of the art world.



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