10 Dec

I’d just like to take a moment out from this blog’s usual good commercial manners and totally exploit the relative goodwill of the substantial number of readers I’ve gained recently- plus the fact that at this time of year many people become desperate to buy things even for individuals they don’t particularly like- by announcing that from December 6th 2011 my book is on the iBookstore for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. These devices are very popular with The Youth of Today, apparently. The book is known to Apple along with its full septuple-barrelled surname (i.e. ‘Career Suicide: Ten Years as a Free Range Artist’) because of Epub technical stuff that would bore your ears right off your head if I started describing any of it to you.

It costs £5.99, or $8.99, or a relatively comparable number of Euros if the Euro still exists by the time anybody reads this. You can download a substantial preview before you buy.


Of course you can also order it from Amazon if you must. All the other Epub, PDF and paper formats are still available, DRM-free, from here:



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