16 Apr

Currently going viral both privately and- encouragingly- in public among artists and curators I know, this brilliant stab by Nadja Sayej at Documenta 13’s curator Carolyn Christov-Barargiev, who seems to be under the impression that she’s more important, more interesting and just more attractive than any of the artists or their work… and also that it’s OK for a huge, prestigious and international operation like Documenta to give out “press packs” (sic) to professional journalists that consist solely of a home-burned CDR, written on with a felt tip pen, with content that’s mostly pictures of herself.


Images of the artist Giuseppe Penone’s work on the CD: three. Images of the artist Jimmie Durham’s work: nine. Images of curator Carolyn Christov-Barargiev: nineteen. She can’t blame anyone but herself for the observation that she’s nothing to write home about and that her dress sense is disastrous; not that her breathtaking, blithe egocentricity and arrogance would be any better if she really was as outstandingly attractive and stylish as she seems to think she is. Strong echoes here of the Samantha Brick delusion/denial dreamworld.

Follow the link to scare quotes “enjoy” Carolyn upholstered in aeroplane crash recorder orange and black (perhaps we can take this as fair warning to keep away?), as either an Indian restaurant employee or a mock Indian restaurant interior from a Mike Nelson installation, mysterious sulky duckface behind bars with Jackie O glasses, and making sure that nobody can even look at an installation view of an artist’s work without her standing right in the middle of it.

As Sayej rightly observes:

“Note to artists: Please do your own PR. If not, this might happen – you might have the chance to be in a big art show and be completely squashed by someone else’s political savvy and outrageous vanity.”

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