7 Jun

A nice review of Career Suicide…


CAREER SUICIDE by Alasdair Gentry 2010

If British art schools today really want to teach their young students anything at all, they would do well to issue each one of them with a copy of Alastair Gentry’s book CAREER SUICIDE 10 years as a free range artist. In this autobiographical account Gentry talks about what it is to be an artist in contemporary Britain. Successful enough to earn a living form art, but not represented by the galleries of the plutocrats, the White Cubes and so on, nor being offered Turner Prizes, Gentry represents in some sense most of Britain’s active professional artists, going from gig to gig, residency to residency. But unlike most, Gentry is ready to spill the beans.


It’s good that a lot of what Gentry says should be enough to put off people who want to be artists because they think it’s cool and glamorous…

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