18 Jul

The artist Andy Warhol, showing his familiarity with paint and the production of art by holding the brush at arm’s length as if it’s liable to explode at any moment. Or it’s just an awkward staged photo op for BMW.

I must apologise, dear art babies, for the lack of updates recently*. I’ve been doing some proper writing and whatnot that I was actually commissioned to do, like this article about the ICA’s total capitulation to business interests and the advertising industry, as evidenced by their nauseatingly fulsome support of BMW’s Art Drive! (their exclamation; it’s certainly not mine) exhibition of Art Cars! in a trendy urban Car Park! in London’s trendy urban Shoreditch! Cars? Yes. Art? No. I initially got the letters jumbled and typed “crap ark”, which is probably closer to the truth.

As I say in the article, I’m trying really hard to think of something that has less to do with art than a collaboration between BMW’s publicity department, the ICA, LOCOG, the Mayor of London’s office, and some Nathan Barleys who claim to be ‘intervening at an urban scale to re-imagine life in the city’.

Anyway, please read the article. It’s good, even though some excellent insults relating to Jeff Koons and Ekow Eshun were cut out. Something to do with libel, probably. (Shrug).

*My other blog for random and non-art stuff,, has been updated more frequently and more recently if you’re as desperate for me as I fear you may be, you poor things. You can always check there if I seem quiet here, assuming that you want to read about Twin Peaks, J-pop, meteorites, or being orally inseminated  by a squid.


2 Responses to “ART DRIVEL”

  1. Alistair 18/07/2012 at 12:35 PM #

    “BMW: Not just for drug dealers and Saudi plutocrats.”


  1. THE CENTURY « CAREER SUICIDE - 01/10/2012

    […] other people can’t. Art wasn’t invented to go on a Saudi princeling’s wall, to whitewash the brand of car manufacturers or petrochemical companies, or to be collected like knick knacks at the whim of idle trophy wives […]

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