28 Jun

Today (Friday 28th June) between 12 and 2pm GMT I’ll be taking part in a live chat about artist residencies on The Guardian website. I’ll be joined by three other artists and four people who run residency programs. If you have a question for any of us, or for everyone, you can leave it in the comment section– there, not here– beforehand.

As detailed in my book, I was an Artist Fellow at English Heritage, and I’ve taken part in a number of residencies from the Genomics Policy & Research Forum at the University of Edinburgh to galleries in the UK, Norway and China. I’ve also been campaigning for terms like “artist in residence” or “artist residency” to only be used when the artist is fully supported and not just on a glorified holiday that they’ve paid for themselves, so hopefully we’ll get to discuss that issue as well.

Update: Tip top top tips culled from the live chat.



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