5 Dec

… it’s easy if you try. This is the anti-Artbollocks Theatre. Belgium’s Netwerk Center for Contemporary Art recently sent out an announcement about forthcoming solo exhibitions by two artists:

Bert Danckaert – Simple Present

Bert Danckaert (b. 1965, Antwerp) is working on a doctorate in the arts. The research is reflected in two publications, one with pictures that act as protagonists and the other in the form of a novel. In Netwerk he presents to the public a presentation of his final thesis with a wide selection of photographic works and an installation with two new films.

Sean Edwards – Drawn in Cursive

Sean Edwards (b. 1980) intelligently examines the functional value and the sculptural potential of everyday objects. His oeuvre consists of minimal sculptures and installations, which are composed of small objects, drawings, photos, pictures and clippings he has collected.

Although the word “oeuvre” still brings me out in a rash– “His oeuvre consists of…” could easily be further clarified to “He makes…”– the statement is simple, factual, clear and it doesn’t presume to tell us what we should see, think or feel so I’ll allow them one jargon word. Some people may be surprised to hear it, but I would be very happy if eventually I was unable to find any atrocious artist statements or preposterous press releases to make fun of. The art is supposed to inspire us and tell us everything we need to know about the artist’s intentions, not the press release. Congratulations to whoever is responsible, whether it’s the gallery, the artists, or some combination of the aforementioned. More press releases like this example, please.

And the whooooole world will be as one.


“I’d ask youse to sit down, but our Yoko’s hidden all the furniture again, haven’t you luv?”


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