8 Dec

Rejoice: even though it’s not being updated for the time being, the Market Project site is online again. This means that all the transcripts of our talks with gallerists and other art professionals are available again, and so are the numerous useful articles about making a living as an artist. Of course this also means the return of the original and notorious Debut Contemporary thread in which er… “somebody” cried havoc and let slip the sock puppets of flame war, mainly to call me and my colleagues bitter, or over-zealous, jealous losers and other playground names… but all in vain when a good number of their former clients broke cover to provide first hand accounts of how shitty their experiences were. Some of those people have good reason to be bitter but it seems like most of them were able to be more magnanimous, generous and humble than any of Debut’s supporters could manage in that discussion.

I’m sure Samir will be as thrilled as I am that the site is back.


Meanwhile, in Notting Hill…


2 Responses to “REBOOT”

  1. Alistair 20/12/2013 at 12:16 PM #

    A very, very well-placed informant has provided evidence that (despite all their so-called “license fees” from artists) Debut has been struggling financially for some time, and rarely makes any sales worth speaking of. Quel dommage. I wish I could share more, but until they’ve given me the nod I’ve promised this person anonymity. For now it suffices to say that the informant’s new information seems to confirm my opinion that DC’s veneer of glamour and high-flying entrepeneurism is exceedingly thin.

    Another informant is planning to take a dossier of evidence to the Trading Standards agency soon and request an official investigation of Debut.

    Merry Christmas, Samir!

  2. Alistair 08/01/2014 at 3:19 PM #

    Reblogged this on Alistair Gentry.

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