20 Jan

HookedAnother week, another bland generic online front end for a vaguely defined art business. This week’s example has been (ab)using Kickstarter and getting up to various monkey business with artists’ work. Sadly this is par for the course but what’s unusual here is that artist Luke Turner has not taken it lying down, which far too many people still do. He’s posted the whole saga of their request to make fifty postcards– which he granted– that somehow turned into large prints of his work being offered to their Kickstarter backers, without his knowledge or consent. He only found out some portion of the truth from a concerned third party, as is also very common. You all know I like my informants here on Career Suicide.

Be sure to read the whole email exchange between Turner and one of the “girls” [sic; their dodgy descripition of themselves, not mine] from the oddly punctuated Art:i:curate to see her run through the full repertoire, one that will be tiresomely familiar to regular readers of this blog:

  1. Denying all knowledge of anything amiss.
  2. Flatly contradicting the evidence of the artist’s own eyes, and the evidence of credible witnesses who have nothing to gain.
  3. Acknowledging that the complainant is angry, but maintaining that technically they still haven’t done anything wrong.
  4. When the complainant starts to get anywhere, prove wrongdoing or attract wider attention, changing or blanking on the subject because they know by this point they’re losing, which leads directly to–
  5. Empty threats.
  6. Communications blackout.

Read it all at the link below, and please remember to trust your gut when you do business with anybody. When you smell a rat there is usually a rat to be found.

2 Responses to “THE PATTERN”

  1. Gillian Mciver 20/01/2014 at 6:09 PM #

    appalling …

  2. Alistair 11/02/2014 at 6:57 PM #

    Reblogged this on Alistair Gentry.

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