10 Feb

500Monopolya-n have just published a very interesting document by Dany Louise, as part of their ongoing research and campaigning on the subject of artists’ livelihoods, careers and payment in Britain. It collects some worthwhile reading from bloggers and online news outlets, far too many for me to pull out each one for individual praise except to entice you by mentioning the great You Show Me Yours blog post by Briony Kimmings that hits a lot of stupid little nails right on their stupid little “we don’t have a budget for that” heads, the even more excellent open letter by Whitey to a TV production company whose multimillion pound turnover didn’t stop them from thinking it was OK to not pay musicians for their work, and the research done by New York’s W.A.G.E., including the payment and treatment gaps that still afflict many artists just because they’re female.

Naturally there are also links to and praise for this blog and another of my other efforts, the artists’ research group Market Project. Of course there are. I am now officially a primary source. Put that in your PhD and smoke it.

You can download the doc and get all the links here:


Do it.


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