29 Oct

johnkenneyjamesiandthegunpowderplot1967East Angles– North Folk and South Folk in particular– may like to attend this free event in Norwich that I’m taking part in next Wednesday, related to Living Wage Week:

Wednesday 5 November, 4-7pm at City Hall, Norwich

“Norwich Visual Art Forum and a-n host an open discussion about paying artists as part of Living Wage week. Free event for artists, students, arts organisers and anyone interested in Fair Pay issues. Using an Open Space-style discussion format, we will pose the question ‘How to achieve fair pay for artists’. We will hear from a-n about the Paying Artists campaign, from artists and arts organisers about their experiences and insights and you will be able to contribute questions to the agenda for open-table discussion.

Come along, with your thoughts and questions, to City Hall at 3.45 for 4pm to take part in this rolling and open discussion, all welcome. Please reserve a place at so that we know you are coming. If you can’t arrive at 4pm, please come when you can and join in.”

Not sure if it’s a cheeky political gesture that it’s on Bonfire Night or just a coincidence, but either way I’ll be there to talk about a-n/AIR’s Paying Artists Campaign– and doing my best to make sure the concerns and experiences of working artists are heard in this discussion– along with the artist Lawrence Bradby (of collaborative duo Townley and Bradby), living wage advocate and Norwich city councillor Alan Waters, and a representative from an arts organisation TBC. Completely free and open to absolutely anyone who has an interest and/or something to say about the subject.

Living Wage Week Paying Artists flyer (and timetable)

Reserve your free ticket

a-n/AIR members can access evidence and discussion about the Paying Artists Campaign here:


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