If you live in such fear of blackballing that you would like to contact me privately, if you wish to send me butthurt whinges or threats because I’ve insulted your dodgy business, and even– Lordy, how I wish it happened more often– if you would like to say something nice, ask me a polite question or offer me work… please use this form.


Having said all of the above, be aware that while I am happy to swiftly and completely correct anything on the blog that is factually, objectively wrong, I am absolutely not prepared to retract, delete, unpublish or otherwise disappear things that are matters of opinion, whether that opinion is mine or somebody else’s. The right to free speech is one of the most important issues in the world right now because it is once again under sustained attack on many different fronts. Nonetheless satire, parody, scholarship, reviews, criticism and all other forms of free speech are legally protected in the EU, the USA and in most other developed, democratic countries around the world. In fact the protection of free speech is one of the hallmarks of a functional and democratic country. There is no law saying that any of the aforementioned forms of free speech have to be polite, temperate, or kind, or must suit your agenda. Matters of opinion are not subject to your censorship or control, no matter how much you may dislike what’s being said. If you don’t like being criticised, instead of moaning and saying it’s not fair or you’re being victimised, why not try improving your behaviour? Then nobody will have any cause to mock or criticise you.

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