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22 Sep


I’m currently writing the successor to my book Career Suicide, from which this blog also emerged. The new one will be called Gentlemen and Players. It’s about the various weird situations in which 21st century artists and other creative people are finding themselves due to economic factors and rapidly changing means of production, distribution and consumption. Also making fun of stupid people and the stupid things they do, obviously. And yes, I know the title is sexist and reactionary. I’m writing about the systemic gender and class imbalances in the arts and media, too.

As part of the research process for the book (and of seeing which parts I can cannibalise for the book) I’ve just started reviewing everything that I’ve published here over the past few years. Two documents I put together a while ago but haven’t been widely published are the first things to emerge from this ongoing excavation. Two subjects I’ve often returned to here on this blog are 1) Dodgy pretend galleries that are mainly designed to part wannabe artists from their money and 2) The widespread advertisement of “artist residencies” that are nothing more than curated studio rental or pretentious holidays. Follow the links to see the permanent pages on these subjects.

I still welcome tip offs and informants, but I think I’ve now said just about all there is to say about this sector of the art industry. New people keep blundering in and falling prey to these spivs, but I hope that these two pages will allow me if future to just point at them instead of me having to repeat myself every time another poor wretch succumbs. Honestly, I’m glad to help people out but at the same time being the confidential confessor for so many people is exhausting because their stories are invariably awful and depressing. Once the new book is done I’m hoping to draw a line under the stuff I’ve done until now, and take the blog in a new direction.




28 Jun

Today (Friday 28th June) between 12 and 2pm GMT I’ll be taking part in a live chat about artist residencies on The Guardian website. I’ll be joined by three other artists and four people who run residency programs. If you have a question for any of us, or for everyone, you can leave it in the comment section– there, not here– beforehand.

As detailed in my book, I was an Artist Fellow at English Heritage, and I’ve taken part in a number of residencies from the Genomics Policy & Research Forum at the University of Edinburgh to galleries in the UK, Norway and China. I’ve also been campaigning for terms like “artist in residence” or “artist residency” to only be used when the artist is fully supported and not just on a glorified holiday that they’ve paid for themselves, so hopefully we’ll get to discuss that issue as well.


Update: Tip top top tips culled from the live chat.



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